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Every client, candidate, and opportunity is unique!

picture of man pointing to drawn gearsRecruiting is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution at Kineo Search Partners; every client, candidate, and opportunity is unique. Our industry expertise enables us to ask the right questions. We believe it is essential to know as much about a candidate as possible. Knowing all the details about a candidate ensures that you are presented with the highest quality candidates.

We will also address any potential red flag areas before they are presented to you. We believe that the extra time spent with each candidate is crucial for you, as well as the candidate.

Our process and proven results:


  • Meeting with hiring manager and/or Human Resources is scheduled to attain information on key job requirements and responsibilities, work environment and culture of the organization.
  • Understand compensation package and determine if competitive.
  • Research Client’s industry, markets, and competitors.
  • Target individuals who meet the specific search requirements.
  • Develop a comprehensive recruiting plan involving cold-call candidate sourcing, screening and interviews to verify job-related skills, experience and qualifications.
  • Present only the most qualified candidates.


  • Candidates presented by Kineo Search Partners are career healthy, stable employees with the average tenure at their prior employer being more than five years.
  • Our clients are able to hire the right person for every 4 candidates we present, which exceeds the industry average.

We help ensure your success...

Your success depends on finding the right people and Kineo Search Partners helps ensure that success. We help you search more effectively, shorten your time-to-hire and provide you with access to the best talent, even in a tight market. Our candidate sourcing process, years of experience, and industry knowledge delivers the highly skilled professionals you need to meet your critical business objectives.

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Kineo Search Partners is a premier search firm specializing in recruiting high caliber Engineering, Technical, R&D, Accounting/Finance, and Human Resource professionals for clients across the US.

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